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BBPS Agent Integration

This document provides the overview of BBPS Agent integration and the APIs used for the same. The document also provides a list of frequently asked questions and steps to register with Bank and NPCI

Overview of bill payment using BBPS

  • BBPS allows the customer to pay the bills in the following ways based on the biller types.

  • Apart from paying bills, customers can raise grievances using the complaint registering mechanism.

The above picture provides a high level overview of the BBPS system. BBPOUs (Bharat Bill Pay Operating Units ) are the entities directly connected to NPCI.

Broadly there are three major entities apart from billers and agents

  • Customer BBPOU - The entities where agents are connected. Eg: agent. Google Pay , a banking correspondent

  • Biller BBPOU : The entities where billers are connected. Eg: Electricity board, Netflix.

  • CU : NPCI who does the central switching.

Consumers are connected to agents , agents are connected to banks (Customer BBPOOUs) , BBPOUs are connected to NPCI, NPCI is connected to BIller BBPOUs and Biller BBPOU is connected to billers.

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